What is Money?

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What is Money?

Pierre Poilievre, Canadian politician, discussing the history of money and government corruption with a bunch of Justin Trudeau’s Liberal politicians. ( January 16, 2022)

Money is a technology that allows us to “transport value along time and space,’ says Poilievre, mentioning that government can learn a thing or two from squirrels, an animal that is able to save things.

Money has taken on a number of forms over its evolution, from stones, and shiny objects, to cigarettes and tuna used in prisons. Money is a belief system.

How would you explain the evolution of money?

Expert economists and politicians seem to have a problem with properly managing money, the economy, financial markets and hyper controlling government surveillance of financial activities. Something that is increasingly prevalent across the world, including in the US, China and the UK.

What’s up with that? Sure doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.. Do they know what they’re doing?

Americans Must Earn $128,000 to Feel Financially Secure

Americans feel that they need to make about $128,000 in order to feel financially secure, according to a survey from Personal Capital and Harris Poll. This is much higher than the U.S Census Bureau’s reported median US household income of $67,521 in 2020 (Bloomberg.)

  • Rising Inflation
  • Increasing expenses
  • Wages not rising enough

Just a few reasons why Americans feel insecure about their financial health. And this “trend” doesn’t seem to be getting better. “Transitory inflation” was just a joke, although a very poor one.

How is Money Created?

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Joker fans will appreciate this scene from a Batman movie.

“It’s not about the money. It’s about sending a message.” – Joker