Viral Leadership and Meme Lords

Viral Leadership and memetic royalty, like Elon Musk makes him one of, if not, the most interesting, entertaining and influential marketers (and meme lords) on the planet, with instantaneous access to everyone on the internet via Twitter.

People like Elon Musk are much in need today more than ever, especially during these exciting and adventurous times.. (insert smiling emoji with sweat beading off it’s head) Not only is he building cars at Tesla, but helped get PayPal going, a nifty payment mobile app service. SpaceX with his rockets. Neuralink with cybernetic brain implants, soon to be tested in humans, inching closer to a Ghost in Shell reality. Let’s not forget The Boring Company, which not only seems boring AF, but is actually having traffic down there in those super speedy tunnels…

Ya win some and lose some, eh?

Solar City was a great initiative as well, and adding solar panel roofing with slick financing options is also a trend that could and probably should be a more of a common thing.

Memetic Royalty

Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and a number of other less influential figures lead with an interesting cult following behind them. I’ll admit, I’m an Elon Musk fan, which is why I write about him here and there. But don’t let that make you think I won’t criticize him when it seems appropriate.

What the hell Elon, why did you only pump out 1 million Teslas last year? WTF?! Promise us at least 2 million for 2022, will ya?

meme master

A Completely Different Topic

By the way, I saw this viral leadership GIF and wanted to make a post including it… That’s the main reason behind this post. Although, it’s definately an interesting topic to explore. Today’s influencers aren’t only celebrities and athletes, but self made internet stars and influencers have made a spot for themselves with the help of viral posts on a number of social media platforms like China’s trojan horse, TikTok.

I’m not sure why the format of this post looks so messed up..

Probably from trying out that confusing WordPress plugin.

Another reason why I started writing this post was to practice using the SEO tool built into WordPress. Off topic I know, but, so what. Deal.

I’m a bit disappointed that the VL GIF looks distorted in the post vs its original form.

Oh well.