Ronin Stole My Powerade!

Ronin wants Powerade
Ronin likes Powerade bottles, specifically..

Ronin walked up to my Powerade bottle, sniffed it, and then pushed it off the side table and onto the floor.


Then he started pushing it around, so I quickly picked it up, but he wasn’t done playing with it yet.


Dog Thief!

The next thing I know, he pulled the bottle from my hand, and ran. He enjoys pushing Powerade bottles around, possibly because of their odd shape.

Whenever he sees a Powerade bottle, he wants to investigate, and he does that by sniffing it and mouthing it. If he finds one in the fridge, same deal.

What is is about these bottles that peaks his interest? Does it reflect light differently because of the many offset flat sides? Or feel differently against his teeth? Maybe the plastic itself smells differently. He is taking it from me and running, so whatever the case, it’s a thing of some sort.