Phoenix Palm Tree Under the Night Clouds

Taking Ronin out to pee and poop can be an adventure.

Not that this night was adventurous in anyway, but this tree is cool, and the sky was strangely cloudy for a Phoenix night. So when I looked up, I was like whoa, I gotta take a shot to capture this view. So this photo has zero filter, and the second one is just a zoomed version of the same.

Palm tree below the clouds
Phoenix Palm Tree Under a Cloudy Night Sky

Although photography is cool AF, I’m not exactly a photographer. Though, I should take more photos as a way to preserve interesting and awe inspiring sights.

Also, photos and videos are a great way to preserve history, as memories fade over time.

Who are you without your memories?

Anyway, here’s a close up.

palm tree close up
a close up

A bit grainy, but better than nothing.. and sorta colorful for a night photo.