Devolution of COVID vaccine efficacy

Fauci said that “we know it’s highly effective” when referring to the mRNA Covid vaccine efficacy. As if they’ll save us from the over reaction from our saviors over at the WIV and CDC.

”You won’t have to wear a mask’ said Biden…

These folks don’t have a clue what they’re talking about and consistently ramble false statements. Our informative “news” outlets also share the same false narrative, and when shining light on these discrepancies, one is silenced, shunned from speaking anything that goes against the mainstream narrative. And this trend has gotta go.

No bueno.

Why is that?

Check out this video someone put together and uploaded to Bitchute, it shows you how over time the real life results do not match what our “expert” saviors tell us.

Stirring the pot.

(P.S. I can’t find this on YouTube…)

((May, or may not update this later. I just wanted to share this video.))

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