Decentralize All The Things, like Big Tech

Social media platform’s centralization such as with Facebook and Google’s YouTube are proving to be increasingly problematic today. Especially considering they are censoring people from talking about the hot topics of the day. 

Say something wrong, and bam! 

Without warning or exaplanation, your account is no longer available.

You can no longer create new accounts or use the service. 

This recently happened to Anthony Pompliano’s YouTube channel, The Best Business Show (more accurately The Most Dangerous Business Show) while interviewing PlanB and discussing the growth and development of Bitcoin.

Facebook has been criticized for their use of “Fact Checkers” in controlling the narrative on people’s social media platforms. Deplatforming is increasingly popular, and saying the wrong thing will get you banned from posting, commenting or “liking” posts on other peoples’ pages or other posts. 

Ahem Ahem Facebook…

Which may explain why I’m writing here right now. 


Although, if I were to write about controversial topics on my own website, the hosting company can decide they too want to deplatform me, or anyone else that doesn’t play ball.

For this reason, it’s important to create more decentralized, or distributed social media platforms as the Internet and the World Wide Web evolve over time. Especially now as the world zooms through rapidly evolving growing pains.

Image by Tech Crunch

Centralized platforms do have their benefits, like being quick and easy to build and scale. However, centralized platforms can also be a massive single point of failure, as recently seen when Facebook and it’s other social media platforms, WhatsApp and Instagram went down for about 6 ours, the longest period Facebook has been down for. 

Congrats to a new record!

Blockchain technologies have enabled new ways of building our internet’s web 3.0 and startups like Unstoppable Domains, have created a way to somewhat decentralize domains using IPFS vs the typical HTML web domains. 


That’s my spot on the decentralized web. I also have another domain that can be used a decentralized Blog via Unstoppable Domains. I’ve set mine up, but couldn’t get it to work, and know I need to update something to get that going. 

The process could be easier if ya know what I mean, so, it’s not ready for mainstream just yet.

Luckily some web browsers like Opera can actually view IPFS web domains already, and other web browsers are following suit. This will help increase the use of more “decentralized” domains, where your post gets added to the Ethereum blockchain, forever.

Blog Wisely?

What kinds of features would you like to see in our new Internet and social media platforms? 

What would you like to change about our current social media platforms?